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Xinjiang Boghda Andrology Hospital (Group) owns a headquarters, six branches and a research institute, is a male health research and clinical as the core specialist chain hospital. Nearly 20 years since the establishment of the hospital, Boghda Hospital to fill the Xinjiang Men\'s disease specialization, standardization, large-scale diagnosis and treatment of the blank, has accumulated outpatient volume has exceeded 1.3 million passengers, Actively introduce domestic and foreign medical cutting-edge treatment of new technologies, in full accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) male disease diagnosis and treatment standards established international specialist development model for the majority of male friends to create a trusted clinic.


core businesses

Boghda Branch

Technical Services : Xinjiang Bashlan network

Address: Xinjiang Urumqi, Tianshan District, No. 1319, Tuanjie Road (Xinjiang TV in front)

National Advisory telephone : 40073 12345

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