Academic Achievements

The forum for andrology in the west which leads the new development direction for andrology in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Boghda andrology hospital always works on the scholarship and clinical practice of andrology since it has been established for nearly 20 years, which is recognized and praised by the people from academia due to the high skills for clinic and creative achievements about andrology, which as well as participates and attends the national conferences about urinary surgery and andrology positively. The academic conferences that are hosted proactively so far include as below:

The forum for andrology in the west of China

The seminar for standardizing nuns of sexology;

The press briefing in Xinjiang for starting the long quality march for the males' health from the whole country 

The first summit forum for the training course of international psychology and sex therapy;

The editorial board for the magazine of Chinese andrology;

More than 35 articles of academic research have been published in various publications.

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